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In fact, recent research shows that fewer high school students are having sex today than were having sex a decade ago.

Even so, many of these same students miss the point about other types of sexual activity.

When I made this promise, I entered into a relationship with myself and learned to be my own best friend; I found the strength in myself that I had always sought in men.

In growing into a relationship with myself I learned that the foundations of any relationship are love, trust, honor, truth, faith and free will.

And one of these is sexual abstinence till a formal institutionalizing of a relationship like wedding.

Indeed some women find it more advantageous to follow traditional values over sexually liberal ones.

Foreplay is OK for a Christian." There are many other Christian students, however, who believe sexual purity is about a whole lot more than just staying a virgin.

This was the promise I made to myself and kept, and it was the most transformational gift I have ever given myself.

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We make choices about our behaviors to be abstinent or sexually active, and can still acknowledge, experience, and enjoy their sexuality.Many men would feel cheated if they paid for several movies, dinners and gifts for a woman and then were rebuffed physically.While this may not be the ideal attitude towards dating, the truth is many men have such expectations from their partners.The love I had been seeking in others my whole life I gave to myself throughout this year.Keeping this sacred promise sent a message to every part of my being, telling me I am powerful and that my life matters. The promise gave me the freedom, the permission, love and space to see my true self, my humanity and my divinity, and it allowed me to heal on so many levels.Remember that sexual thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires are natural and a healthy part of sexual development.


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