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You can apply to the Archives for copies of personal service records.

If your individual served with the forces of another country during the Second World War please see the information sheet Personal service records: countries other than Australia for further information.

And to her shock, her professed lover was revealed to be a fraudster using the stolen identity of an actual person - Air Marshall Mark Binskin, 54, the married former head of the Australian Air Force, who next week will take up his role as head of the Australian Defence Force.

And she said she knew of other women in Germany and two in other countries who have been approached by the Binskin impersonator.

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More than 200,000 people in Britain have fallen victim to online romance scams, the first major university research into the problem indicates.Pay off outstanding debts Just like failing to pay bills by their due date, shelving debts for long periods of time is not a good look to lenders.Paying off debts as they come due rather than allowing them to accumulate demonstrates competence in managing your finances and provides a boost to your credit rating.Many factors reportedly contributed to these tensions, including the fact that U. forces received better rations than Australian soldiers, shops and hotels regularly gave preferential treatment to Americans, and the American custom of "caressing girls in public" was seen as offensive to the Australian morals of the day.Lack of amenities for the Australians in the city also played a part.A Defence spokeswoman said the department had not been aware that the nation's top military officer's identity was being used to target lonely hearts, but an investigation had been launched.


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