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Clearly, the old author-pays model removes a major inefficiency of the subscription-based system, because the authors know that they want to publish, whereas the subscribers only suspect that they want to use the publications.According to Stuart Shieber, an open-access expert and theoretical linguist at Harvard University, subscription-based publication can lead to market dysfunction (unreasonably high publication prices) because science journals are not competitive goods: If you subscribe to one science journal, this doesn't mean that you don't need another one (see Shieber, 2013).Me Chellaul Corporation Cherub Media China Business Times China [email protected] News Choice Point Christian Connection Christian Filipina Christian Hearts LLC Christian Cisco City Neo/Moving Blog City Date, LLC CJSC Mamba CK Consulting Ckrush Classmates Media Corp.Classmates Online Clear Space Click 2 Asia Click and Buy.

Shieber's article is very sophisticated from an economics perspective, but it completely leaves aside a crucial component of scientific publication that I will argue leads to market dysfunction also with the APC-based open-access model: Scientific publications serve both to disseminate research results and to build careers of scientists.

But the signs of inefficiency of the old subscription-based system are just as clear in my field as elsewhere, so I see no reasonable alternative to Gold open access (i.e., freely accessible electronic publications on the publisher's website).

Green open access is inefficient because of the duplication of efforts, and subscription is inefficient because it is very difficult to predict for an institution to what extent its members will want to use a journal or book.

And in the speed and instant connection of texting and phones, and according to one of today’s leading young comics, Aziz Ansari, you get a new age of anxiety of the heart. AZIZ ANSARI, Comedian: We have been hanging out together all the time, spending a lot of time together and everything? JEFFREY BROWN: And he’s turn it all into a book titled “Modern Romance.” Backstage on his book tour, he told me it all started with the realities he was seeing in his own life.

AZIZ ANSARI: For example, you text someone, they don’t write back. And you go through this roller coaster of emotions. And I realized, like, wow, I couldn’t even have had that dilemma 10, 15 years ago. This is very new, where you’re sitting there staring at this little thing, like, waiting for something, you know?


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