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and other names), also sometimes referred to as the ‘third eye’ and ‘flame’, is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol, and is also used for meditative purposes.

MTV is a brand of Viacom Media Networks, which terms it “the cultural home of the Millennial Generation”.

Rajan Zed pointed out that Hollywood needed to understand that Hinduism, with about 1,1 billion followers, was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with a rich philosophy.

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“Steve was all about promoting Australian family values and healthy living,” another friend of the couple spilled to Radar.He may not spend quality time with you, he may lack the ideals or standards you wish he possessed or he could be abusive.Can this influence the way you think and how you choose a life partner?Getting closer to your mid 20’s can be quite scary for some people especially if […] Read more During your twenties, there are many things that are just unavoidable; from bills, to career pressures, to not being able to handle hangovers as well as you used to, and a big one unfortunately, discovering an ex has moved on.If it hasn’t happened to you yet, brace yourself as it may hit you like […] Read more “Why is someone like you single? My relationship […] Read more So it’s time, you’ve tried everything but unfortunately you haven’t had the best of luck.Have you ever felt a certain level of anxiety to the lead up of your birthday?


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