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He demonstrated his command of screen genres as far back as 1966, with the action-adventure film Vertical, and subsequently showed prowess working within such other cinematic templates as the crime-drama (The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed, 1979) and even the rape-revenge film (Sharpshooter).

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Along with art director Valentin Gidulianov and costume designer Regina Khomskaia, Govorukhin has convincingly recreated the physical and visual minutiae of 1930s-1950s Soviet life.

In its detailed attention to the nations past, the film can thus also be placed beside Govorukhins trilogy of historical documentaries: This is No Way to Live, 1990; The Russia That We Lost, 1992; and The Great Criminal Revolution, 1994.

See full summary ยป The action of this film opens in a tiny Soviet village by the sea, in the years before the Second World War.

Film tells about duty and life values, shown through the prism of the lives of two brothers: strong and proud people.


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