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Thank you - lots of contacts - nearly all very nice people and several new friends have resulted.

We have great communication and just get on so well.15 minutes at my goal wattage and I felt stronger as I went. My worry is whether or not 225-230 is too conservative or not.I don't want to get done and feel like I should have pushed harder but I guess if the bike feels too easy I'll need to prove that in the run.There are 27 guys on the start list for the pro race. I'd love to bring home a paycheck for the i Hope Foundation.In my experience I would guess that there will be closer to 20 that start the race. This is the first race I will ever pace the bike portion using power as my guide.Attach a modem to your computer, plug the modem into your telephone, create a name for your BBS, post the telephone number on a few existing BBSs, and you're in the virtual community business.


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    It is unfettered by time and space in its efforts to welcome and give comfort to the families of alcoholics.

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    Born Stephen James Sandvoss, Steve Sandvoss is a former American actor from New York City, New York.