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Changes in Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union Since the fall of the Soviet Union 1991 many changes have been brought to Europe.

After the fall of the Soviet Union newly formed countries of Eastern Europe found themselves brought into a new era, many of the people had relied on the Soviet Union’s system of socialism to help them with every detail of their lives and to dictate their lives but with this newfound freedom citizens had many changes forced upon them.

Lipton makes a beautiful case for how we create beliefs, how to change them, and therefore, how to create a love life full of lifelong, honeymoon moments.

And it’s fun and funny for me, because generally I like talking to people and think I give good advice. He had this great dog that he was training to be a service dog (I should have told the guy at the symphony to just train a service dog) and for our first date we just walked her around Central Park for Oh god, that was the best date! Do people really pick random numbers and travel that distance on the train and eat there? Some people like shopping for sneakers on first dates, some people like going to movies or museums, and some people like just meeting at a bar.

Oh, I’m constantly describing my eyes as big and beautiful to anyone who will listen.

Question two: Isn’t it crazy to write about dating, don’t your dates get weirded out when they find out what you do?? There’s an element of whimsy some people (including me!

All they once knew had been taken away so suddenly most didn’t know what to do with themselves.

The Government, Economy and Marxist Idealism had all fallen with the Soviet Union.


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