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Literally everything—from getting my coat stuck in the car door to being sick.

I was constantly saying sorry over and over again for stuff that wasn’t my fault.

As I began to address some of my dating foibles, my dating life definitely took a turn for the better.

If it feels like you are making the same mistakes over and over or if dating feels harder than it should be, I encourage you to take a look at the patterns in your dating life and see if some of my former dating habits might be tripping you up, too. From my first real boyfriend in college all the way up to my last one (my now-husband), I developed a habit of apologizing for everything.

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Bartha for her telephone number, he said, she declined, saying she would rather get to know him first through discussion groups at the church. Bartha, a customer service representative for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Connecticut, went out to dinner with him. Siciliano said, the couple agreed that before the relationship went any further, they needed to get tested for AIDS.Increasingly, they said, couples are inquiring about each other's sexual histories within the first few dates and requesting or volunteering to be tested for AIDS before they become sexually intimate.Many couples are waiting longer to get to know each other before they have sexual relations, the observers said, and are asking for a commitment earlier."Bev had two small children from a previous marriage and was concerned," he said."Neither of us had any anxieties about getting tested.Stephen Siciliano fell hopelessly in love last spring.


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