Dating an alpha female

They know what to speak when and will not stop themselves when they for sue that it is the right time to speak.

For men like us, if we do not involve ourselves in the conversation we might be called up on as the ones who do not speak at all, or maybe the quiet ones. Alpha female like to speak the truth and cannot spare anything going wrong.

When he comes home, the last thing he wants to do is compete with his woman as head of the household. “Jasmine, no one cares about gender roles anymore.” Well, that’s just not true.

While, I’ll admit the dynamics of marriage are changing, but much remains the same.

While I am no slouch myself, I would not go as far as to claim that I’m an alpha female.

I have always been attractive to the silent and strong types.

This is a Man’s World, but it woudn’t mean nothing without a Woman.

Tough, feisty, never backs down on anybody, opinionated, confident, leader of the pack – these are just brief and concise definitions of what alpha females are.In certain situations you might just even feel that she is the one who is leading all the time. You cannot expect any less from them they believing in maintaining themselves the most and they will not compromise on any of the factors which will make them look better as a person, as a human being. However, for alpha female or for you probably have to work a little harder and understand that it’s not that they don’t love you, they love you but they are just born as independent women and alpha female like to get their work done by themselves.Well first of all you need to know that alpha women are big mouths as well, just like any other women, but we are smart mouth.Alpha women like to be sarcastic about nearly everything and they like to keep situations light so that don’t turn into another drama.They believe every problem can be solved with patience but their sarcasm however in the process won’t stop.Prepare yourself for either joining her or watching from the sidelines – she’ll be much more impressed if you join.


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