Dating an ampeg svt classic

Preamp tubes: four 7025 (12AX7 types) Output tubes: two 5881 (a more-rugged 6L6 type), fixed-bias Rectifier: solidstate Controls: Bass Instrument channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; Normal channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; shared: Presence Output: 50 watts RMS ’60s, however, the company was ready to admit that rock was here to stay, and that it would have to jump onboard to survive in a fast-evolving market.

Like the massive SVT bass rig of the same year, the V Series guitar amps introduced in ’69 were all about rock and roll – big rock and roll, as blasted in stadiums and arenas on major tours – and they cranked it out in a style no amp had done before or has since. ” This is where it comes from; you just aren’t likely to appreciate quite how beautiful until your ears are bleeding!

In the world of high performance bass cabs, the Ampeg SVT-810E stands tall and proud.

This is the speaker enclosure people mean when they say SVT speaker cabinet. Other than the color scheme, it is identical to the original SVT-810. Ampeg learned early on that 10” speakers work much more efficiently than fifteens or eighteens—and if you put eight 10” speakers together, you can move a huge column of air.

was designed by Bill Hughes and introduced in 1969.

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The circuit and the tubes used in it evolved slightly through the ’70s, but this 1972 example follows the classic topology.The story sometimes goes that the SVT – the bass-amplifying sibling of the V Series guitar amps – was designed “for” the Rolling Stones’ 1969 tour. As such, the band served as beta testers for the new designs.More accurately, the Stones acquired several prototype SVT bass amps and cabs (and, later, several VT amps) rather urgently while rehearsing for that tour, after their own amps failed at the hands of U. In addition to bassist Bill Wyman’s initiation of the now-legendary 300-watt SVT, Keith Richards and new Stones guitarist Mick Taylor also played through the massive bass rigs, but the six-stringers soon evolved to V Series guitar amps, which provided some of the best Stones tones of the ’70s.While the 300W SVT amp head was a huge step for Ampeg, it was only the beginning.They've been working hard ever since to arrive at their current selection of combo amps, cabinets and amp heads.The V Series Ampegs were designed by Dennis Kager, and remain very much within the Ampeg ethos – or, perhaps more accurately, represent an extension and enlargement of that ethos.


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