Dating campagnolo components

Choose from our wide range of BB Axles - Classic Lightweights Maybe he was building up a frame with 70mm bracket shell using an axle for 68mm shell and thus needed the 'thick cups'.At some date, I have heard 1993/4, they converted to the ISO standard, this.Campagnolo has been awarded more than 135 patents for innovations in cycling technology.At the end of the 1950s, Campagnolo started to manufacture magnesium parts such as wheels for sports cars like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, and built chassis for NASA satellites in 1969.Above, left to right: Record 1963, Gran Sport 1955, Gran Sport 1952.Above (3 fotos): In 1983 Tullio Campagnolo died, and the 50th Anniversary Group was released.65-P-110 shows a bottom bracket width of 65mm for a Pista (single) chainset with a total width of 110 (for chain alignment with rear sprocket) 70-S-120 shows a bottom bracket width of 70mm for a road (double) chainset with total width of 120mm 36 x 24; 35 x 1 and 1.370 x 24 are the available threadings for Italian, French and British bottom brackets, destra/destra indicates two right hand threads whereas destra/sinistra is the UK's right/left-hand thread 65, 68, 70 and 74 are bottom-bracket shell widths.

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Chain slack was taken up by ratcheting the rear axle forwards or backwards in the toothed droupout.

In 1963, Campagnolo produced a disc brake for the Innocenti Lambretta TV motorscooter - the first two-wheel production vehicle with such a brake.

In the 1970s they also supplied wheels for Ferrari's Formula One cars.

Like a £10,000 mechanical Breitling watch that is fractionally less good at keeping time than a £10 quartz Casio, function does not tell the whole story.

The Super Record feels great in your hand, has a timeless look, and seems valuable simply because it was once so ludicrously expensive.


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