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Just 31 at the time, Norwegian Birger Stromsheim was the oldest member of the team who successfully destroyed the heavy water production facility at the Norsk Hydoelectric plant in Telemark, southern Norway.The raid, which is regarded as one of the most successful acts of sabotage in World War II, was also remarkable for the fact all the team managed to escape by cross country skiing 250 miles into Sweden.We would also like to hear if you have a recipe of your own you would like to include.More Info Just You offer you a great choice of singles holidays throughout the world.We also have a great range of Sporting and Themed tours.

Most tours are discounted and offer savings from 5% to 10%.The Nazis were forced to relocate their heavy water project and move their remaining supplies of the essential ingredient Potassium Oxide.But the ferry they used to move it was subsequently sunk by a Norweigan resistance.Watersports enthusiasts will give the fast-growing activities of kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding a go.And they’ll certainly make a bee line for Colwyn Bay’s fabulous Watersports Centre.The plan was for them to meet up with four members of the previous mission's advance team who had manged to survive a harsh winter living in an abandoned cabin and eating lichens and moss scraped off rocks.


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