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Rather than tweaking sliders to shape characters, you’ll manipulate their features by clicking right on their frames and faces, dragging their bellies to make them wider or thinner, or tugging them up or down to make them taller or shorter.Even fine features like eye angles, cheek bones, and lip shapes are all edited this way. The Sims 3’s five character traits have been reduced to four here (one of which is supplied by your sim’s aspiration), but the pool of traits paints in broader brushstrokes.Got two differnt endings so far, going to try for more. Good game, especially if you use the tips and tricks. And last but not least, you can restart the only scene in which you are with recharge button (Ctrl R) ! This was the first one I ever played and it keeps getting better. Ramp up the romance slowly but surely; too fast and she`ll kick you out, too slow and she`ll get bored. Often Ariane will suggest activites (some wine would help her relax, go lower, etc). Work and effort is going through her in that before and when he forced his huge cock into.Whether you've been exposed to the beatles and the stones tour of the calendar to meet long island jewish singles so you have something to build a foundation.

a kiss won`t progress to something more in THIS action but rather if you kissed her earlier, progress it now. I am having one slight issue though in that every time I follow her into the bathroom it ends the game saying `don`t come in unless I invite you` and gives me a 4/10 even though we`d just had sex in the hot tub and she invited me in...

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While no list of mods for the various The Sims games can be anywhere close to complete, this is a (very) partial list of some of the more useful, interesting, or popular ones.

Note that mods may have more than one version, and that some mods were not updated for later expansion packs.


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