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The secondary southern escarpment of the South Downs close to Worthing, south of the main ridge of the Downs (formed by hills such as Steep Down, Cissbury, Church Hill and Harrow Hill) is most visible west of the River Adur and it is this flint which is especially hard and durable and hence valuable in Neolithic times.

Flint from these early mines played a significant role in enabling the "Neolithic Revolution" to take place across southern Britain, gradually replacing the nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life of the mesolithic period with the settled agricultural way of life of the neolithic period as the extensive wildwood forest that covered much of Britain began to be felled.

At Harrow Hill, dozens of ox skulls have been found, suggesting ritual slaughter—possibly each autumn, as many animals would not have survived the winter.

In the mineshafts, drawings of an Earth Spirit and phalluses may have been used to protect the fertility of the mines.

Sites at High Salvington and Mount Carvey, within the borough, and at nearby Myrtlegrove and Roger's Farm in Patching and Findon, have all been identified as possible, but cannot be confirmed because of plough disturbance.

The flints would have been used to make tools such as axes, scrapers and arrow heads.

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The museum's collections include local archaelogy from Worthing and the surrounding area; costume and textiles dating from 1600; juvenilia; work by members of the Camden Town Group; work by English water-colourists; typographical collection of paintings, prints and drawings; Colin Mear's bequest of chidrens books; material relating to the history of Worthing Archaeology, Archives, Coins and Medals, Costume and Textiles, Decorative and Applied Art, Fine Art, Land Transport, Literature, Natural Sciences, Social History, Toys and Hobbies An 18 month costume trail is on display to the public across Worthing.Apart from a short time when the band ceased to function between 18 due to the Worthing Riots, the band has been making music locally ever since.Thought to date from the 5th millennium BC and 4th millennium BC, these mines represent some of the oldest mines in Europe, if not the world and predate the great neolithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury.Christian faith during the week, when our doors are open to offer programmes and activities for the whole community.For further details or information on any activity or event contact The Welcome In reception on 01903 234497 June Sat 3rd Coffee Morning 10-12 Sun 4th 10am Morning Meeting Pentecost & Celebration Of Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Wave, Dedication of Lydia Davenport, Recognition of New Adherents 5.30pm Evening Worship, Corps Mission Conversation Just Walk across the Room ( 2 of 4) Wed 7th Bible Study (Home Group) Sat 10th Contact Centre 10am-Midday , YP Sections United Music Day, Portsmouth, Wedding of Tanesha Scott & David Scott-Webb 5pm Sun 11th Morning Worship YP Anniversary Tues 13th Bible Study Sat 17th Coffee Morning 10-12 Sun 18th 10am only Fathers Day (Third Sunday) Tues 20th Retired Musicians' Fellowship – 2pm for 2.30pm Sat 24th Contact Centre 10-12am, Community Choir at St Mary's Goring in aid of Chesnut Tree House Sun 25th 10am Morning Worship inc Dedication, 4pm Training Band at Littlehampton Baptist Church Tues 27th Bible Study Wed 28th Light Classical Music afternoon Welcome In Thur 29th pm Town Wide Prayer at New Life Church Durrington July Sat 1st Coffee Morning 10-12 Knit & Natter Sun 2nd 10am Morning Meeting Farewell to Majors David & Sarah Evans followed by Corps Buffet Lunch Wed 5th Bible Study (Home Group) Sat 8th Contact Centre 10-12am Sun 9th 10am Morning Meeting led by Major David Botting Tues 11th Bible Study Sat 15th Coffee Morning 10-12 Youth Sun 16th Morning Worship 3rd Sunday Tues 18th Retired Musicians’ Fellowship Outing Wed 19th Parent & Toddler Outing to Brooklands Park Sat 22nd Contact Centre 10-12am Sun 23rd 10am Morning Meeting Welcome meeting for Major Marian Parker Wed 26th Light Classical Music Afternoon Welcome In Sun 30th Morning Worship Seafront Open Air for Worthing Lions Fair am August Tues 1st Bible Study Sat 5th Contact Centre 10-12am Sun 6th 10am Morning Worship Sat 11th Coffee Morning 10-12am Sun 13th 10am Morning Worship Mon 14th- Fri 18th Divisional Children's Outreach Camp (Robertsbridge) Sat 19th Contact Centre 10-12am Sun 20th 10am Morning Worship, Songs of Praise Shoreham 3pm Mon 21st- Fri 25th Divisional Children's Outreach Camp (Robertsbridge) Sat 26th Coffee Morning 10-12 am Sun 27th 10am Morning Worship Thur 31st pm Programme by the Band in appreciation of Band League September Sat 2nd Contact Centre 10-12am Sun 3rd 10am Morning Worship, pm Corps Mission Conversation, Just Walk across the Room Wed 6th Bible Study (Home Group) Sat 9th Coffee Morning 10-12am, Kids on the Coast Activity Day Sun 10th Morning Worship, Findon Sheep Fair, pm Tues 12th Bible Study pm Sat 16th Contact Centre 10-12am 17th 10am Morning Worship Third Sunday Sat 23rd Coffee Morning 10-12am , Last Night of the Proms pm Sun 24th 10am Morning Meeting Corps Anniversary Commissioner Gillian Downer, WW1 Commemoration in Montague Street with Band Tues 26th Bible Study pm Wed 27th Divisional AFM Rally Tunbridge Wells Sat 30th Contact Centre 10-12am October Sun 1st 10am Morning Worship, 2pm Diviisonal Open the Roof Day, Horsham inc Worthing Worship Group Wed 4th Bible Study (Home Group) Sat 7th Coffee Morning 10-12am Sun 8th 10am Morning Worship, pm Corps Mission Conversation - 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