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The official paranoia of that era can be well appreciated by recalling that the Minister of Justice was Kunio Hatoyama, who had just recently been mocked for justifying his tough stance on immigration issues by declaring at a press conference that he had "a friend of a friend" in al-Qaeda who was regularly entering and exiting Japan.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the Japanese police were conducting a policy that was clearly unconstitutional by any reasonable reading of the law, they then compounded their shame when a computer data leak made some of their secret reports available on the internet in October 2010.

The martyrs were buried at the site of the accident and a museum was set up not far from the accident site.

Japanese and Turks still celebrate this event until today at the same site of the accident every five years despite successive change of governments.

ISLAM IN JAPAN HSITORY, SPREAD, AND INSTITUTIONS IN THE COUNTRY Prof. It continued spreading for a long time and reached different parts of the world but reached Japan only towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Al Samarrai Chairman Islamic Center- Japan 2009 1-16-11, Ohara, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 156-0041, Japan E-mail: [email protected] URL:http//jp The light of Islam emanated from the Arabian Peninsula and spread eastwards to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Indian sub-continent, then to Malaysia and reached as far as China and Philippine.

I hereby present my work, seeking the good pleasure of Almighty Allah. The most important of these visits was the mission sent by Abdul Hamid II (reigned 1876-1909) to Japan on board Al Togrul ship which carried more than six hundred officers and soldiers led by admiral Uthman Pasha in 1890.

It is sometimes argued by academics that this sense of Japanese people being “apart” or “different” from the rest of the world is deliberately reinforced by educational initiatives that ostensibly are designed to do the exact opposite, and I do have some sympathy with that line of argument.

I would certainly agree that a Japanese national who has lived or studied abroad for any portion of time is treated quite differently (by certain people at least) than one who has not, the idea being that they have somehow been influenced – or, dare I say, corrupted – by non-Japanese ideas.

Earlier last month I was strolling through a park in downtown Tokyo, when a child suddenly caught sight of me and screamed – "Daddy, daddy! Gaijin appear in the music charts, on television, and of course on every other billboard.

Japan as a nation (you will forgive the generalisation) is one that has a long-standing fascination with "foreigners" (gaijin or gaikokujin, literally “people from the outside”).


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