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Students use a quill pen, inkwell, slate and a slate pencil in this examination of writing in a 19th century Canadian school.Exercises include learning about proper school etiquette, practicing perfect handwriting and making a quill pen.

Quick reaction RAF Typhoons have been repeatedly scrambled as flights by Russian long-range bombers towards UK airspace have increased.David Brown was in his garden in Dartmouth, Devon last week when a silver speck - sunlight reflecting off the plane - caught his eye.The town is the home of Britannia Royal Naval College which trains officers to serve in the Royal Navy."Et in Arcadia Ego" is a Latin phrase that most famously appears as the title of two highly influential 17th-century paintings depicting shepherds from classical antiquity gathered around an austere tomb.The phrase is usually interpreted as "I am also in Arcadia," and its purpose is to set up an ironic contrast between mortality and idle merriment.Using a stylus and a plasticine tablet, students are introduced to ancient Mesopotamian writing.


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