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But be careful at what you ask for cause you will be in hot water. Hezekiah pins the blame on his son, and after a series of unexplainable incidents, James begins to doubt his own suspicions.Little does he know that the real killer lurks just under his nose!She recalls her lover during the war, a 23 year-old German soldier who later died.Despite the time they spend together, her attachment appears minimal and they go forward into the future.She lived in Venezuela with her parents but they have ...

A small-time thief steals a car and impulsively murders a motorcycle policeman.I do not know whether Jonathan Yudis is the heir apparent to Russ Meyer, but he sure can make one crazy film.The current Governor of California had to beat another actor for his job - Mary Carey.See full summary ยป When Peter's wife, a famous writer, is murdered in a hotel where she spent the night with her lover, the police begin investigating.Peter and his wife didn't get on well and she was ...When Elle leaves the hotel to go the set, she is wearing a nurse's uniform with a headscarf and carrying a black handbag.


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    Both new couples will receive cash prizes and then decide if they want to split the winnings or use it to actually go out on a date!