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And so, you will get to know each other and reveal each other’s profiles at the same time.

But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.

As you know, I am partial to i Phones, only because they sync with my computer and other devices. But I've found a foolproof way to avoid 'dud dates' altogether. I truly believe there is no reason to even meet somebody for a date until you've had a Face Time conversation with them. How many times when I was online dating would I write a beautiful email to a woman, an email that I knew she didn't get in her inbox on a regular basis. Most of the time when you meet somebody, you don't feel any energetic connection.

I find most phones are overpriced to begin with, and the i Phone actually takes worse pictures than most phones. If you are going to date online, you must have an i Phone. The biggest complaint I hear about online dating is, you spend the time, get excited about the possibility of a new person in your life, then you show up to meet them and you have zero chemistry with them. When you're online dating, most people never look like their picture. The second you walk into the restaurant where you're about to drop 0, you want to make a run for the door. So if you're online dating, suggest a five minute Face Time call.

I'm good with words, and I'd write this great email, and they'd look at my picture not once, but ten times. I'd think to myself, oh yeah, game plan, annoying game plan.

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And, having a pile of dirty clothes behind you is not a great way to make an impression.

Don’t be just a simple picture on another dating app.

True and long-lasting love isn’t found through images alone.

“We make these selections very frequently.”People tend to be better at selecting flattering photos of other people than they are at choosing good pictures of themselves.

White, who is the paper’s lead author, and his colleagues asked about 100 college students to download 12 images of themselves from Facebook, then select the photos they would use for their profile pictures on Facebook, dating websites and Linked In.


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