Dating scene in chicago

Walking around I see either groups of gay guys or straight guys.

The gay thing here seems very cliquey on top of it all.

Words cannot describe how much nicer it is to have someone you actually like being around filling that spot next to you.

Chicago gets a bad name for its intense winters, but the secret they don’t post all over the Internet is that when the snow comes down, it gets downright cozy inside.

If you do live downtown you mainly go out downtown it's just rough to continuously keep coming down to Lakeshore campus from the Downtown campus.

Second City and i O regularly produce the greatest funny people—Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Cecily Strong, Steve Carell—the list really does go on.

I'm thinking another Caribou -- the ones on Clark (one near Wellington and one near Fullerton).

Both seem low key and less "bar-like" than the one on Broadway.

House parties are horrid, which is why you need a fake.

Most are 5 bucks to get in they are packed and they run around at about 1AM or earlier saying the cops are here and to get out either because they want to finish tapping the keg themselves or they want to go to the bar.


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