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The state actually appropriated an additional million for the upcoming fiscal year, but DHS officials said they're still suffering from years of cuts.

"We've taken quite a few hits over the last few years," said spokeswoman Sheree Powell, noting the agency has cut million over the last two years.

The original aim of the “Sunbeam Emergency Shelter for Seniors and the Medically Fragile” Program was to serve victims of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The program then expanded to shelter homeless seniors as a result of medical condition.

In addition to temporary shelter housing senior residents are provided with the following assistance: Case management services - to help improve self-esteem and reestablish family connections Applying for permanent affordable senior housing Health monitoring - through medical appointments, prescription refills, referrals to social service providers -Therapeutic activities and counseling Employment - assists older adults with job searches and locating skill training Senior Advocacy - assists seniors with finding legal guidance Meals - provides senior residents with three meals each day, snacks and nutrition education.

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"We're now at the point where we're really jeopardizing our ability to implement our programs and serve Oklahomans." Continued increases in costs have made it difficult for the agency to keep up, despite a recent increase in state funding.

DHS said it's already reduced its staff by 1,200 positions over the last two years.

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