Dating site horror stories anal

I agreed, but felt nervous about it because I had no idea what it’d be like.So he put it in and my asshole was not down — I ended up shitting all over him.A few hours later, we were able to joke about it, but outside of that we never mentioned it again.”“My ex had never had anal, so we drunkenly decided to do it one night (I had it like three times before then).I was on my stomach, he was on top of me, and everything was fine until I realized he had passed out... Because he was drunk, he was dead weight and I couldn’t get him off or out of me.It was with my ex, and the first (and last) time I was the bottom.

When I didn’t he harassed me for two days, asking why I wasn’t replying.

I immediately started crying while he was wiping his shit-covered dick off with my sock.

I have a heart condition where I faint when I get hurt.

Let’s face it — when it comes to anal sex and other butt stuff, sh*t can get in the way of you and your partner having an orgasmically pleasing experience.

And as much as you douche and prep and clean your bum, sometimes, sh*t can (and will) hit the fan. Anal isn’t one of those sexual acts that you can just spontaneously jump into without any forethought — or lube.


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