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The victims reported collective losses of .4 million, which is likely only a fraction of the actual losses since many victims are too embarrassed to file a report, the FBI said.About 70% of the victims were female; more than half were women 40 years or older.You only need the original log files created by skype, even if they are on an external drive.Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header.

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In 2011, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center received 5,600 complaints from victims of so-called "romance scammers" -- criminals who scan online dating sites, chat rooms and social networking sites for potential victims.

Added /Save Direct command line option, for using with the other save command-line options (/scomma, /stab, /sxml, and so on...) When you use the Save Direct mode, the log lines of Skype are saved directly to the disk, without loading them into the memory first.

This means that you can save a list with large amount of log lines into your disk without any memory problem, as long as you have enough disk space to store the saved file.

As we reported a few weeks back in our annual Top 10 list, If you stopped and thought about it, you’d realize straightaway it must be some sort of scam.

Why would someone you don’t know want to link up with you? They may be lonely, naive or just curious, so they agree to accept the new contact.


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