Evan and anna dating special collectors edition pagdating ng panahon

Her character Jessie eventually entered into what became the first teen lesbian coupling on network television with on-screen girlfriend Mischa Barton.

She went on to play Tracy, the experimental teenager infatuated with her more mature classmate (Nikki Reed) in , in which she was a 15-year-old seeking revenge and using everyone she can to get what she wanted — including the seduction of a reporter played by Jane Krakowski. Evan’s star continued to rise and she played Queen Sophie-Anne on .

Since then, she’s opened up about her bisexuality in both the press and on her personal Twitter feed where she eloquently answers questions posed to her about how she can be both married to a man and have had romantic feelings or sexual attractions to women.

At age 25, she’s already a seasoned performer and well-adjusted person with a better idea of who she is and what she wants than most people twice her age.

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I feel like you’ve played more queer roles than anyone! Looking back on that time, did you always know your role was going to have that queer bent to it and what did you think about that? I started back up again and they brought it up and said, “You know, we’re thinking about making your character have a crush on a girl.” I, without hesitation, said “Great! ” [Laughs] And my mother was in the room with me as well and she was all up for it, she just wanted to make sure I was comfortable with it.

Evan was happy to talk with After about her career, her sexuality and her musical aspirations.

Also, she’d be more than happy to have your vote in this year’s Hot 100.

One, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, seeks the presidency because it is "her turn" and does so without offering the slightest mention of a plan or message for voters to rally behind.

With voters as enthusiastic about her candidacy as a colonoscopy, Clinton should be losing this race, but she's not.


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