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Plus, if all were right with the Ad Law world, agencies wouldn’t get judicial deference for this sort of stuff—at least not -esque deference. Subject for another day.) The glitch is, the agencies’ non-notice and no-comment output often does have real-world effects that are virtually indistinguishable from a legally binding effect—and the agencies know it.

There’s not only the potential for abuse, but the actuality of it.

Usually get mocked for being taller than everyone else and have difficulty dating due to all the super tall guys dating midget girls below 5'5 girls.

often told to not wear heels because they are too tall already, avoid saying that.

Standard answer: by proceeding through guidances etc.

the agency is giving something up—the legally binding effect of the rule.

We check in with our guinea pig Rachelle to see how she's feeling following casting a love spell on her crush. We talk the best way to approach your single status, share an update from our relationship advice freelancers and have a crack at Would You Rather: Round 2! And have you ever sent a text to someone you weren't supposed to? Emily grills Julia on her date after losing The Tinder Challenge. The girls chat worst dates, escaping dates and who we turn to for good advice.

After kicking off the two-hour, two show, two station final episode with The Naughty Rude Show, Emily & Julia now have the studio to themselves.

Here in Part 2, Emily does a sniff test of the sexiest scents, Julia compares her worst Tinder date story with SYN's Lindsey Green, the girls figure out how to survive long distance relationships and compare dating back in high school to what it's like now. To celebrate the end Love at First Swipe, Emily & Julia are hosting a two-hour, two show, two station final episode with The Naughty Rude Show.

Plus, the girls talk 'hooking up' - does it mean kissing.. Emily & Julia discuss what it'd be like if your next right swipe was your last.

On top of Tinder chat, the girls imagine leaving a star rating of dates online, deliver Rachelle some news from our love psychic and Julia rants about people not texting back. With dating apps all the rage, whatever happened to pickup artists? This week we've got writer and Aboriginal activist Nayuka Gorrie in to break down 'jungle fever' for National Reconciliation Week - is there a cure?


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