Fosil dating

Sebelum kita ke detail bagaimana metode radiometric dating digunakan, kita melihat beberapa konsep dasar kimia dahulu.

Ingat bahwa atom adalah bahan dasar membangun sesuatu.

"It shows that every single person here, 7 billion people, including Donald Trump, came down through the chain," said Dr Alemseged, referring to Lucy's place in the evolution of humankind.

Throughout the world’s rock layers there are billions of fossils, the remains of organisms that were catastrophically buried largely during the global Flood (2348 BC).

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When viewed from a biblical perspective, the evidence is consistent with what one would expect from a worldwide Flood.

Jumlah proton dalam nukleus suatu atom menentukan setiap elemen.

Contoh, semua carbon memiliki 6 proton, dan semua nitrogen memiliki 7 proton, dan semua oxygen memiliki 8 proton.

Human fossils found 38 years ago in Africa are 65,000 years older than previously thought, a new study says—pushing the dawn of "modern" humans back 35,000 years.

New dating techniques indicate that the fossils are 195,000 years old.


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