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Bob England, the Director of Public Health in Maricopa County.

"In many places you see the at least gradually going down of new infections but not so much here."England is most alarmed by a recent outbreak of syphilis, which he says is also contributing to a dramatic increase in new HIV infections."1,600 or so individuals have HIV infection because of this outbreak of syphilis," England says.

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But the agreement has a confidentiality clause that prohibits her, or anyone else involved in the lawsuit, from discussing the matter.

Diane Parker lives on her family's farm in San Simon, Arizona.

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Diane Parker sued the state and won a 0,000 settlement after a five-year legal battle.

Rather, the firm handles a select few cases which are thoroughly screened and supervised by attorneys.

PHOENIX - STD rates are on the decline in many of America's larger cities, but health officials are seeing the exact opposite trend in Phoenix."Sexually transmitted diseases are still a big deal," said Dr.

The cost is something we all deal with, whether we are infected or not.

The money from public insurance comes from taxpayers, and private insurance rates will go up for everybody depending on how many cases need treating."The lifetime cost of dealing with HIV infection costs upwards of 0 million," England said.


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