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A badly managed bank account is all that’s needed for an application to be rejected, even if the applicant appears to have plenty of income, as it suggests a failure to manage money responsibly. – Monthly cost of your repayments – The impact of rate rises on your mortgage 6.If parents or grandparents are helping with the deposit, it has to be via a gift rather than a loan for it not to affect the affordability assessment.Most prospective borrowers know the basics – improve your credit rating by registering on the electoral roll, check for any credit file blemishes and avoid excessive spending in the run-up to the application. This makes your bank account look a little healthier because payment for expenditure is effectively delayed by a month, but more importantly when lenders see your bank statements they won’t see where you spend your money. Make sure all credit cards are on a direct debit to avoid the risk of missing a payment.

I know that the choice is his and his alone to make and I’m being supportive but societal judgment/gay-bashing/targeting IS real and I fear for his safety.

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In the crazy world in which we live, what can I do to actually be as supportive as I’m pretending to be? Don’t let some of the censure and targeting that may come your son’s way—however well-intentioned you believe yourself to be—start with his mother.

I truly do want him to be happy but I’m not going to lie: I truly wish he were dating a female. A: Societal judgment against gay and bisexual people is very real, and you’re not doing anything wrong by acknowledging its power and worrying about the effect said judgment might have on your son. If you find yourself overwhelmed by doubts and panic, please get yourself to an LGBT-friendly therapist and/or the nearest PFLAG meeting, because you need an outlet or two for those fears, preferably an outlet that you didn’t give birth to.


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