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The Gamer trait, from pastel-sims, lets Sims more quickly improve their gaming and programming skills.

Modder sweetrolls’ Prototype AI trait reduces the speed at which several needs decay.

Otherwise you risk running out of ideas halfway & end up cancelling the series. Your scriptwriting / story plans should be several episodes ahead of the ones you are currently editing / uploading. Download some talk & animation hacks and pose boxes from or other sims custom content sites.

[Most common] Drama, Comedy, Romance, Teenage Tales [Less common] Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Abstract Or a mixture of genres, if you can carry it off. Think through the details of your story & characters. You are more likely to retain your viewers if your story is well-written & engaging. You wouldn’t want your later episodes to conflict with your earlier ones.

Just decorate those rooms, as well as the exterior of the house. – If you’re going for outdoor shots, make sure your neighborhood is appropriately decorated.

We’ve mentioned simmythesim’s Get to College mod before, but it’s worth repeating since it fills a gap that those who played The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 will keenly feel.

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