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We have bestsellers, new releases, text books, children's books and one of the best selections of Irish books in the world.Shop in Euro, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars or Sterling and pay by debit card, credit card or paypal.We have already over 70000 members and thats growing quickly as more and more members like you join everyday. Lots of people join from many walks of life so you needn’t worry or feel embarrassed if this is your first time.Many members enjoy the thought of having sex out of their relationship and some do, but some don’t.One of the great pleasures of working in our Bookshop is meeting with visiting Writers and Friends – we put this selection together to share some of the magic of Kennys. Visit Booktalk, the section of where we try to re-create online some of the atmosphere of our bookshop - with video reviews, author readings, news on book awards, Old Galway columns, Desi’s Diary ... Buy books with confidence on, with free delivery worldwide.

What makes Kennys different from other online book sellers is that we are a Bookshop!

Many books ship from warehouses in the UK, the US and other countries directly to the customer.

We are "going green", by reducing the amount of distance a book has to travel from the printing press to your bookshelf.

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