Graigslist dating dating a married man memoirs from the other women

The victim told police he laid the cash in his seat for Bailey, but instead a male accomplice, 33-year-old Jezlias Maysonet, ran up and snatched the money. Police say detectives received several tips that helped lead to additional information and the arrests of Bailey and Maysonet. They charged Bailey with Robbery and Maysonet with Theft by Deception.

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“In my book, I specifically talk about Craigslist in terms of a possible dating site, although without the screening that sites like have it tends to be pretty vulgar, yet there are still some great folks you can meet out there and I never felt unsafe with any of them,” she says.

In the past two years that I’ve written for Wise Bread, I’ve suggested Craigslist as an excellent means of finding a quick side gig to make extra cash, renting out extra space in your home to tourists, promoting your local business, and selling used furniture and electronics, among other things.

I’ve used the site for all of the above and then some, and I maintain that it’s a very helpful resource.

Brown responded, and they agreed to meet up at a bar Jan. The paperwork shows investigators wanted to review her cellphone records.

At some point that night, Brown grabbed a folding knife and stabbed the man in the chest, according to the charges. His injuries kept him hospitalized for several nights.


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