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Caste laid bare, abuse of all sorts, village life, wildlife, older women who somehow wielded all the power, Christianity living alongside Islam and Hinduism, communism, marches, injustice and also quite open fights against injustice, passion.

It was not the India of expat, well-off Hindus that aped Victorian morals, and had quiet, controlled epiphanies.

I want to connect to SQL Server via Internet: I turned off the firewall I enabled the the DMZ in the router, host address is which is the SQL Server LAN IP I open port in the router for ...

We're experiencing a problem with connections to SQL Server and after a week of digging through I was able to pinpoint it to Winsock limits.

There is no change in interest rate on daily balances up to Rs.

The first novel included a few different settings, but it largely took place in a circumscribed bounded space — the town of Ayemenem in Kerala.

On contrary, he belonged to a cult which almost the entire Muslim world, and especially the sects which believe in ideology of Dr Zakir Naik considers as non-Muslim.

They are in fact banned in Pakistan and many other countries.

“I started shaking and pacing around – I didn’t know what to do!

I have recently been using SQL Server Express and accessing my database using SQL Server Management Studio on Windows. I have installed vagrant and virtual box on my laptop to finish a class I am working on. I can connect to it directly, create tables, insert data, etc. Is there a simple way to reconnect a query window that is "not connected" to the original connection that was used by that query without manually picking the server name needed? I have installed Oracle developer's guide 10g on Windows 10; it installed successfully.


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