Halal dating

But he says finding a wife through a website was easier. “Online dating has impacted our work, because it’s so easy to go to the website and create a profile for a nominal fee.

“Halal dating, I think, is gonna be the next thing for our Muslim community, because we need it. We need, we all need to do that." Some Muslims still prefer the traditional method of matchmaking, or arranging marriages. Boys and girls can also meet in the process we follow but that involves families first.

However, in the light of Islam, it is often shocking for singles to discover that any kind of such ‘romantic’ contact/communication/relationship with a person of the opposite gender is totally forbidden. How can something that is (apparently) so ‘beautiful’, be forbidden by God who created us with these desires in the first place?

The desire for romance and dating stems from a basic human need, to love and be loved in return, which exists in every human, especially the young and more inexperienced singles.

Autor: Ramy Rashad • July 21, 2015 • Term Paper • 2,166 Words (9 Pages) • 274 Views "Everyone will be with those whom he loves." These are not words from one of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedies, but rather words of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The Prophet was a strong advocate of love and compassion, two human virtues that have seemed to drastically change and disappear over the years.

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To many Muslim scholars, the answer is no, since to them true love is lost in today’s materialistic society, especially through the form of dating.

Just the thought of their sons or daughters ‘going out’ and ‘roaming around’ in the city with their significant other give them panic attacks.

If by mistake your parents share their concern with any of your relatives, they leave no chance to add their ‘Haww Haeys’ and ‘Astagfirullahs’ to make the situation worse for you.

There is the reason why the divorce rate is hiking up!

It’s simply unjustified to get hooked to someone just for the heck of it.


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