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Situated near the pristine waters of Purity Lake, guests at Horseleg Hill enjoy amenities and activities offered by Purity Spring Resort, voted “best family vacation destination” by The Boston Globe.Year-round activities include swimming and boating on the lake, hiking along the wooded trails, or skiing at King Pine Ski Area.

At the same time, many fire service veterans are reaching retirement age, while there are fewer new recruits coming into the ranks.

They work hard, learn fast, are technologically savvy, and are used to balancing multiple responsibilities," says Quinn.

"It is this generation that is really where the future of the fire service lies.

The evolutionist Gerald Kerkut wrote: ‘It takes a great deal of reading to find out for any particular genus just how complete the various parts of the body are and how much in the illustrated figures is due to clever reconstruction.

The early papers were always careful to indicate by dotted lines or lack of shading the precise limits of the reconstructions, but later authors are not so careful.’ Informed evolutionists now realize that the picture, even in their own framework, is not a straight line at all.


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    The great thing about online dating is that they have expanded the dating pool to include any part of the planet that has internet connectivity.

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    There isn't any formal research, but my guess lies around the idea that dating relationships only took center stage for our romantic endeavors within the past fifty years, give or take. Many couples date for years, and some specifically choose not to get married to their long term loves.