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The Conservatives benefited the most, making a net gain of 15 seats, while Labour bucked its national trend of poor results and made a net gain of 3 seats.

The Liberal Democrats saw their seat number rise from 10 to 11. This was the first election since 2001 in which no UKIP or Green candidates were elected.

(A work in progress) All (deceased) members since the Club’s inception in 1909.

[For current member listings, please click here.] If you have any information about an artist who was a past member, or don’t see a name on this list who you think should be included, please send us an email.

I recently (2014) became the director of the Paramedic program at UVU, and I am fortunate to work with instructors who are recognized as being some of the most progressive, and talented individuals in Utah EMS. At this time, he is working on a textbook psychology book with others presenting humanistic psychology’s perspective on the general psychology topic areas.

Rodger began his professional career in law enforcement where he was made a field training officer (FTO) within the first 3 years of his service.

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(CAC membership – H: American Art Annual, 1925) Artist Member. He helped found the CAC and served as its first president (from 1909-1910).

For additional information about these records, contact me.

Harney Eastman 1868 , Juzan, Lucy Harney Joseph , Dunn, Mary Harney Joseph 17-- , Colt, Sarah Harney Margaret 1785 07 Apr, Wescott, William Harney Maxine , Shook, Clyde Laverne Harney Michael , Willison, Heather Marie Harney Oulta Ethel 1906 , Kelly, William Harrison Harney Raymond 1940 circa, n/a, Harney Thomas 192?

I have been with the Utah Valley University (UVU) Paramedic Program since the beginning in 1999, and have enjoyed every minute of the interaction with students and staff alike. He cross-trained as a firefighter/EMT-B in 1994 and subsequently transferred to the fire and EMS division of West Jordan Department of Public Safety in 1996.

I began as an adjunct teaching various materials, then became the clinical coordinator after accepting a full time position in 2009. Rodger became the lead arson investigator, fire training officer, and Haz-Mat Technician.


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