Jennifer aniston and orlando bloom dating

The highlight of the night for Bloom came when his mom, Sonia Copeland, made a surprise appearance.

"Best gift ever surprise visit from me mum," he captioned a photo with his mom on Instagram.

And while their decision to only pose for photos together inside events has been a tradition of theirs, an onlooker told People that the only time Perry, 32, and Bloom, 40, interacted together at the party was when they cozied up to be photographed.

Otherwise, they kept a noteworthy distance and mostly mingled in groups of other people.

“Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time,” their reps said in a statement to Us Weekly, which published the news Tuesday evening.

Katy Perry switched up her look for Orlando Bloom's birthday over the weekend.

It actually sounds like there was more PDA between Bloom and Aniston than there was between him and Perry.

“He warmly greeted her and gave her a kiss on top of her head,” the onlooker told People about Bloom and Aniston — who are longtime friends.

reported, having previously been flirting with Rooney Mara.

After swapping numbers, when Katy left, "the pop star kept looking back to make sure Bloom was following [her]," Billboard continued.


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