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For years tabloids have reported that Mary absolutely does not like SMAP, this leads back to 1996 when member Katsuyuki Mori decided to withdraw from the group.

It’s been said she put pressure on media outlets to only use pictures of them as 5 members to create the impression that he never existed.

But being here with everyone, and thanks to all of those people on location, in these 24 hours I’ve been able to see so many more dreams about the future.” Masaki Aiba: “This year was another great time for me, I had to fight back the tears so many times…

I could feel how much people wanted a bright future.” Sho Sakurai: “It was truly an honour.

Meanwhile, Nino fans countered back saying that early in his acting acting career Nino established himself as a Hollywood actor with the successful film “ A TV reporter stated that a project like this happening a few years ago would have most likely been impossible.

This is largely in part due to rumors surrounding Mary Kitagawa, the vice president of Johnny’s and the older sister of Johnny Kitagawa.

His enthusiasm then grabbed attention from others and he joined other small bands like MAIN, Best Beat Boys and Beautiful American Dream along with members Matsumoto jun and Aiba Masaki.

In the 2016, the fans and media accused Kimura like a traitor because he wants to stay in the agency. In the new Agency communication released on Jun 19 the official statement is the termination of the contract of 3 members of SMAP only Nakai and Kimura stays.

It´s says, Nakai will renegotiate the contract in September when the proyects for the summer will ends, and then decide if remains or leaves the agency.

I was touched by everything.” Satoshi Ohno: “My feelings for the future have become stronger from this, our third show.

I want to make a fresh start for the future.” Jun Matsumoto: “I feel like the show was over in an instant this year.


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