Leo woman dating cancer man

On the other hand, a Leo woman will make the Cancer man feel like a prized possession.Family and friends are most important to Leo individuals and when in a relationship, they hold the power to make their partners feel cherished.In my experience the Leo and Cancer match is always an interesting one.On one hand, you have a person that likes to go into any types of situation and try to take charge and often times fall flat on his or her face.I am of course talking about the Leo, and in particular the personality of the Leo woman.Cancer on the other hand, is a type of person that likes to put on a good front.

What can you simply expect when you put them together?An outgoing Leo may very well be attracted to a sensitive Cancer, especially if she has Venus in the water sign that precedes her Sun sign. Leo doesn’t want to put on such a high flame that Cancer dries up his emotional reserves.(Venus doesn’t travel very far from the Sun, and Leo follows Cancer on the zodiac wheel.) Leo is not going to win Cancer’s affection by being the life of the party and demanding all his attention. Rather, bringing him to a low boil is the ideal effect towards which she should aim.She’ll appreciate his consummate lovemaking skills but never admit how much of a hold he truly has on her.Compatibility Rating: Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects!The Leo woman wants respect and has a great deal of pride.


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