Magnet speed dating co uk solo parents dating

Forget staying up all night to get lucky, because Tinder has got London burning.

Launched last September in America, the app is online dating made simple, with added GPS — think a sort of sex satnav.

Well, what happens if we put a magnet close to an apple? This time my 6x2" neodymium magnet meets something unusual, a magnetic fluid.

In this video we will see if there is a magnetic attraction between this fruit and a cube magnet.The small amount charged for Rapid Scan delivery also covers the costs involved with issuing and validating your barcoded tickets at the event.This method is still cheaper than having them posted for example and allows you faster entry in comparison to having your name checked off a list.But have you ever wondered what happens if we put a magnet close to this fruit?Well, we think that is a very interesting question. Please be aware that we charge a booking fee simply because we pay the promoter the full face value of your tickets back.


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