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Secondly, I can talk about Jesus as God, give you ten reasons why as Christians we believe and know that Jesus Christ is the only God. Your dear pastor is a great man, and I love him and appreciate him, and depending upon what you choose, don’t blame him. Note that Solomon’s Song, which Driscoll regards as a sex manual, is his favourite part of the Bible. The three options are these: The first is we can go through God’s heart for your city and God’s future plan in the upcoming season for your church from Jeremiah 29, which is what the first service chose. And you can’t.’ The main point of the sermon was that the Song of Solomon is a sex manual that teaches about oral sex.Some of these pages figure prominently in various controversies involving Driscoll.

Prophecies of Christ abound in the Song, together with views of the bride’s destiny, as she prepares to cross the mountains into eternal glory, where the greatest wedding of all will take place.

Some people, however, were so offended by Driscoll’s sermon that they sent a CD copy to Rev John Mac Arthur in the USA.

Mac Arthur responded in a series entitled ‘The Rape of Solomon’s Song’ (2009), in which he deals with Driscoll’s flawed interpretation of Scripture.

When we read the book of Hebrews, we encounter a community of Christians living in a time of trial, a community not so different from yours or mine.

They, like us, are struggling to understand God in the midst of suffering.


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