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As his ranking slipped another five places this week to 128th, Philippoussis is planning to return to practice within days and to tournament play in a month — probably at Challenger level, where he ended 2006 making a failed bid to earn direct entry to the Australian Open.The 30-year-old has not been represented by his former management company IMG since the start of the year.(hannah montana, bucky kentucky, etc...) the only ones we could come up with are Elaine Maine Alexis Texas flo idaho joy illinois pippy mississippi johnson wisconsin oh, and btw, this website has a list of 50 states, but it includes district of columbia (which would be the 51) that means that one state is missing but i can't figure out what it is!Oregon-master don=montana-georgana=north dakota-garth simoah=idaho-guy daio=south dakota-ralph toyota=dy naomi=iowa=noah=illinious-bill lenoard=utah-syretah=colorado-richardo=n...All kinds of fun Fans lined up for many hours to buy the hot new video game “Halo 2.” The game is pretty wild, if you’re able to get Tara Reid to flash, you get an obscene call from Bill O’Reilly and Martha Stewart goes to prison. Apparently the Scott Peterson jury has been eating off of the same plates as the O. President Bush like Fallujah, he doesn’t even like the name Fallujah, Bush said; “Why, isn’t Fallujah what got that Bill Clinton fella into trouble with that intern? A disappointed President Bush said of Ashcroft, “I should have known he wasn’t a real General.

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Describing her mother as an introvert she says that her parents worked well as a team. And of course, her special relationship with Pandit Nehru was very useful for him ever the pragmatist — because there were moments towards the end of our time in India when the Kashmir problem was extremely difficult.“Pandit Nehru was a Kashmiri himself, so he was emotional about the problem. Even after the Mountbattens went back to London Edwina-Nehru met about twice a year.

E-mail to - or if you need to hire a comedy writer - [email protected], it’s game time up in here now Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers The Rocket Houston Astros pitcher Roger Clemens won the Cy Young award at age 42. Ashcroft left to spend more time with his fellow fanatical psycho religious zealots.

He also won the less prestigious but more aptly named Cy Geezer award. There hasn’t been a jury as stupid as the Scott Peterson jury since O. Something like that The attacks on Fallujah continue.

Pamela, who thought Nehru spoke and wrote beautiful English, also quotes a letter written by Nehru to Edwina in March 1957: "Suddenly I realised (and perhaps you also did) that there was a deeper attachment between us, that some uncontrollable force, of which I was dimly aware, drew us to one another, I was overwhelmed and at the same time exhilarated by this new discovery.

We talked more intimately as if some veil had been removed and we could look into each other's eyes without fear or embarrassment."Edwina was 44 when she came to India in 1947 with Lord Mountbatten, who was to guide India to independence as the last Viceroy.


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