Mcafee epo agent not updating

Because I can't uninstall it, I am unable to reinstall the product either manually or by pushing from the server.

This has happened on 6 different Macs and I confirmed the cause by comparing the settings on a Mac before and after upgrading to Sierra.

Virus Scan for Mac guards against Mac, PC, and Unix-based viruses.

Continuous and on-demand virus scanning — Automatically scans for threats each time a file is accessed.

As a result, it never receives any new DAT info and it puts the Macs out of compliance.

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Nice really simple one today, a client asked me if I could disable when Mcafee Virus scan was updating from been seen by the end users, the client uses Mcafee Epolicy to perform managment of the end user clients.If you chose to be unmanaged, your client is currently only receiving updates from and not receiving the necessary updates from our server that it needs to keep your computer secure from malware.If you have installed the campus Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) Client on your computer and opted to be unmanaged, you will need to install the management agent.The weird part is that 2 other Macs that were upgraded directly via the Mac App Store still retained all their Mc Afee settings and are still working fine.I built the Self Service policy by downloading the Sierra installer via Mac App Store, copied it into Casper Admin.In previous years, users who have installed the campus Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise Client had a choice of being managed or unmanaged.


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