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Common wisdom holds that at a certain age, women no longer garner the attention of men in public.

We are still loved by our husbands and partners, and told we are beautiful, but the world at large no longer sees us as noteworthy.

The 9 device works with an app that lets users watch video and shoot pictures and videos and save them to devices like phones or laptops.

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While in the big city last week, I found myself rather invisible. As a feminist, I am supposed to be happy about this, as I am no longer a sexual object for men to lust after. May I confess to a tiny bit of grief for the loss of lust-worthiness? Is it sheer vain foolishness to miss the double-take, the furtive glance or secret smile? I’ve accomplished a lot and have a husband who adores me.

I have never been model-beautiful (only about 2% of us have, and at what cost?

) and I know whatever physical charms we have will inevitably change if we’re lucky enough to grow old.

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