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For a simplified registration renewal, you can use an independent agency for an additional fee. Recent advancements in the industry have led to a much easier experience for renewing your auto registration.Although it's now possible to renew your registration online via your local DMV, you may prefer the convenience and service provided by our approved partner SUMMARY: How to Register Your Car in Pennsylvania In Pennsylvania, you must register your vehicle in person at a Penn DOT office.

Sometimes, a prior provision, such as from a previous will can be reinstated.We thank you for your interest and hope you find this site beneficial for your needs.Following is a brief history of our American land system legacy along with a current overview of our statutory responsibilities.If you feel there is anything here that is slanderous, untrue, or illegal, please bring it to our attention.We will examine your request promptly, and any post you find offensive will be reviewed for removal in a timely manner.Before you register your vehicle, you must get: If your vehicle is leased, you'll also need the Application for Lessee Information (Form MV-1L), which must be completed by the lessor.


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