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Research Park: One of SPb U's most important tasks is implementation of its own research support programmes.

In 20, megagrant competitions were organised at SPb U, that resulting in the creation of 9 research laboratories headed by leading scholars from Russia and other countries.

2, 115054, Moscow, Russian Federation (495) 721-1515 (495) 258-3154 ru [email protected] – Monday-Thursday; – on Fridays HSBC Europe B. (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Malachy Mc Allister, Chairman of the Management Committee 6,888,000,000 (Six billion eight hundred eighty eight million) rubles Banking services All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED): 64.19 All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO): 40449715 All-Russian Classifier of Administrative-Territorial Entities (OKATO): 45286560000 All-Russian Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories (OKTMO): 45376000000 All-Russian Classifier of State Government and Administrative Bodies (OKOGU): 1500010 All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership (OKFS): 23 All-Russian Classifier of Legal Structures of Businesses (OKOPF): 12300 Diagram of interrelations (1-page PDF 12KB) List of entities (3-page PDF 466KB, available in Russian only) List of insider information (2-page PDF 81KB, available in Russian only) Please see Financial and Regulatory Information section for any information related to the Bank’s activities as a professional participant of the securities market Please check our Important information for customers section for all customer documentation.The SPb U Research Park operates according to the principle of equal access.This means the resource centres are open to any interested persons provided that common regulations are observed.This task is solved through the following activities: Our Research Park unites teams from the resource centres acting within the framework of the main areas of the SPb U Strategic Plan.The users' tasks can be solved at several resource centres, either simultaneously or consecutively, as well as on a cross-disciplinary basis at one centre.Laboratories established within the framework of the Megagrant Programme: Research commercialisation is one of the major growth prospects for universities worldwide.


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