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If your contacts, calendars, and reminders are in i Cloud, then i Cloud automatically updates your information.See if your information is in i Cloud or a third-party account, like Google or Yahoo. See which account your contacts are in: If you store and edit your events in i Cloud instead of another account, like On My Mac, Exchange, or Google, then i Cloud automatically updates your calendars.Microsoft and Google are the biggest competitors fighting for the leadership and market share, and all's fair in love and war… Anyway, apart from Google's Calendar Sync, there exist a number of ways and free tools to sync Outlook and Google calendars and hopefully this article will help you choose the best approach.Using this method you can set up one way syncing from Google Calendar to Outlook.Note that if you choose to sync with a shared Outlook calendar, all items not marked as private will sync to your specific Salesforce calendar.Review the Synchronization Summary window to see a list of all new or updated calendar items that match the established sync criteria. Items that exist in Microsoft Outlook appear on the right.If you are interested in how to share Outlook calendar information then refer our special report: How to share Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts.

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Initially, this section contained a backup download link for Google Calendar Sync and instructions on how to make it work with new versions of Outlook 20.Outlook will periodically check the Google Calendar for updates, and if any new or modified events are found, they will be downloaded and displayed alongside with your Outlook appointments. Remember that the Google Calendar imported in this way is read-only, the lock icon is displayed in the lower right hand corner of all imported Google Calendar's events, meaning they are locked for editing.Changes made in Outlook are not synced with your Google Calendar.Open the event that you wish to mark as Junk, click Report Junk, then click OK.We'll automatically delete the event from your Calendar on all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID.This means that while you may have access to more than one Outlook Calendar (i.e.


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