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Sachets: Put a little potpourri in a length of pantyhose, tie it off at both ends, and use it to keep closets and dressers smelling sweet.

Or, fill them with a few mothballs to prevent clothes damage during storage.

Also known as Hong Kong Milk Tea, Pantyhose Tea is a relatively recent phenomenon in the country; its origin story mirrors that of chai in India.

The British ruled Hong Kong from the mid to late twentieth century, and during that period, they introduced their culture of afternoon tea.

Ceylon is the best base for Pantyhose Tea, she says, because "it's known for being robust and full in body, but also flavorful and aromatic," essentially strong enough to stand up to the rich flavor of the condensed milk (evaporated is also used, but condensed is more traditional).

The classic British version is black tea, milk, and sugar; but in Hong Kong, fresh milk isn't as readily available — milk isn't a big part of Chinese cuisine, and cows aren't nearly as widespread as they are in the West.

So, during colonization, condensed or evaporated milk was swapped in, and sweet, creamy Pantyhose Tea was born.

The preparation process — as you may have guessed — is centered around the filter, which is not actually pantyhose, but more of a long, polyester sock set on a metal ring with a handle.

To make the tea, dried tea leaves are placed in the net, and then the net is then placed in a large percolator.


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