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Ještě jednou vás žádáme, abyste uchovali jejich totožnost v utajení.Klikněte na tlačítko "Pokračovat" a vyhledávejte na základě vašich odpovědí. Think of these phrases as clues to Brazilian culture. Take the classic phrase É boa pra caramba (eh boh-ah pdah kah-dahm-bah). When pra caramba comes after good, it transforms It’s good to It’s amazing. Engraçado pra caramba (ang-gdah-sah-doo pdah kah-dahm-bah) means hilarious. The word saudade (sah-ooh-dah-jee) has no direct translation in English, and it’s a major source of linguistic pride for Brazilians. (kee sah-ooh-dah-jee) when you miss something so desperately, you have a heartache over it. when they remember their best friend who’s now living far away, or their childhood beach. at the end of e-mails to tell you they’re missing you terribly. “Sashay away” becomes “Bye, go home, no one loves you.” According to the Twitter user, this is the translation that appeared when he watched the show online in Portugal.

Proposing someone is one of the few moments where you have to be direct even in Japanese! (polite) or 너를 많이 좋아해 (neoreul mani joahae): I like you a lot. So, why not add some French expressions to your repertoire for Le jour de la Saint-Valentin (Valentine’s Day): Je vous aime (polite)/Je t’aime (fam.) .– I love you. * * * If you’re still looking for ways to express your love in another language, what could be better than the language of music?

The important thing to remember when using expressions of love in Japanese is that being indirect is better. Spanish speakers often pepper their speech with terms of endearment, so you might hear these phrases from people beyond that special someone. ” mi vida: my life Put on some bossa nova and try out one of these Brazilian Portuguese phrases on your chuchu. We’ve created a playlist over at Songza of the best, most romantic love songs in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.

“I love you” in Japanese, 愛してる Aishiteru, sounds very serious, and the expression is reserved for couples only. cariño – honey mi amor – my love corazón – sweetheart (literally, heart) guapo/guapa: handsome/beautiful, e.g.

Chuchu is a green root; vegetable, and is probably used as a term of endearment because it sounds like the French; chouchou, used in France as sweetie, and also sounds like choux (cabbage); Gato (m.)/ gata (f.):, literally cat, used between young boyfriends and girlfriends to mean cute and sexy Meu bem, meu amor – sweetheart (traditional, used by married or older people) Meu querido (m.) / minha querida (f.) – my dear 안녕, 내 사랑~! 당신을 많이 좋아해요 (tangsineul mani joahaeyo): I like you a lot. French is the language perhaps most associated with romance. And of course, you should know how to say : Ich liebe dich.

Paixão da minha vida – love of my life / literally, passion of my life amor da minha vida – love of my life Chuchu – pronounced “choochoo”, is like the English sweetie. Erdbeermäulchen – Little strawberry mouth Erdbeerchen – Little strawberry Baerchen – Little bear Zuckerschnäutzchen – Sugar lips (lit., little sugar mouth) Zuckerschnecke – Sugar snail Zuckerbienchen – Little sugar bee Perhaps our favorite is Knutschipuh, which is pronounced “knootcheepoo” and means something similar to the English phrase smootchie-poo.


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