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Teachers and academic supervisors who are sexually involved with students must decline to participate in any evaluative or supervisory academic activity with respect to those students.

The Provost, Deans, Department Chairs and other administrators should respond to reports of prohibited sexual relations that are brought to them by inquiring further and, if such reports appear to be accurate, initiating appropriate disciplinary action or remedial measures against the teacher or supervisor involved.

People here live by the motto of "work hard, play hard".

is defined as any student of the University who is a member of a varsity athletics team as defined by University and NCAA regulations and/or is a member of any club sport team or an intramural athletic team that is formally recognized by the University.

The university coat of arms features a dolphin on the red chief, adopted directly from the Franklin family's own coat of arms.

Penn was one of the first academic institutions to follow a multidisciplinary model pioneered by several European universities, concentrating multiple "faculties" (e.g., theology, classics, medicine) into one institution.

The prohibition extends to sexual relations between a graduate or professional student and an undergraduate when the graduate or professional student has some supervisory academic responsibility for the undergraduate, to sexual relations between department chairs and students in that department, and to sexual relations between graduate group chairs and students in that graduate group.

In addition, it includes sexual relations between academic advisors, program directors, and all others who have supervisory academic responsibility for a student, and that student.


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