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It further compounds the problems plaguing the console.Late last year, Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito confirmed that all of Sony's game studios are completely focused on the PS4 with nothing in the works for the PS Vita."Currently, first party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita.I actually solved the issue, it was playing fine, really fine.Then After playing the Unit 13 demos for some time close to an hour, I turned it off and it crashed (the blue light crash).Eventually the screen went blank, and the Play Station button would just blink blue and nothing I pressed would turn it on.I ended up waiting about 4 hrs before trying it again (the Play Station button was not blinking any more - I assumed the battery died).But then I thought it might be good for me to try QCMA once too.

Probably your xml file has some problem, you could try using the original one (download the xml from the http link in your log) or use the one attached in this comment (i already edited it for match your region).

So, I had two ways to back up my data from my PS Vita to PC and vice-versa: Sony’s CMA and the free and open-source QCMA. First up, remove Sony’s CMA if you have it installed.

I had at first tried QCMA, but since there was no UI option to change the language, had just uninstalled it and installed Sony’s CMA and was okay with it. These two guys don’t seem to get along, from what I read. Install QCMA by downloading the latest version from wololo.

Check if the “PS Vita Type B” is shown in the list. If not, go to “Options” – Check “List all devices”. Once you see the PS Vita B, Right click on the arrow next to the big button, and select “Replace Driver”. Now click “Replace Driver” aka the huge button, twiddle thumbs till it’s done. Once this is done, start QCMA, and then plug the PS Vita back in. It should detect the device properly and now you can copy it. In case you’re on a lower firmware and the Vita asks you to update the system software, follow this guide after doing step 9. Sources: This thread here, particularly this post and this post. On another note, for the PS list of June, there are a few titles announced today, but the PS site says the next announcement is on 8th June, so I’ll hold it off until that.

I bought the Vita it's been a week and some days and it's been working fine untill today.


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