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Lol ok so I started a cleanse three weeks today to try to tackle the arthritis - going well!but I ended up having to bake a massive chocolate cake for my friends 21st - I didn't even lick the spoon folks 😂 I find that my psoriasis is making me cranky and very moody.Mate: don't feel bad about your p, cruella devil would love you. What are some things you do de-stress Hi everyone i'm new to the group / family i have P on the palm of my right hand and for the first time a shop person dropped my change into my hand like i'd got something catching it's the first time i'd been upset by it As frustrating P can be at times, I know it has helped shape who I am. More confident for sure, would I be as compassionate? Me: so she'd want to skin me like one of the Dalmatians and wear me as a coat..this meant to be comforting? Any tips on making the time, when the day is already so busy?While shops are already filled with Christmas trees and Santa Claus decorations it’s hard not to notice that Christmas holidays are slowly approaching.Therefore many people start thinking about buying gifts, before...

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well, imagine something that hurts just as much, except it pops up all over your body. I was on Chinese traditional medicine but now I'm on Indian traditional medicine. I am completely uncomfortable in showing it, as i live like a priest - even during the summer. I have gone from one dermatologist to another and... anyway, i was just starting middle school when it got to be a huge problem and medical condition for me. I have had Psoriaisi for 53 years, I found a cheap way to treat it and it works better than anything the doctors have gave me.I was again left with that idea of a perfect match for me...someone with psoriasis....someone who would go out in public with me and protect me from people making fun of my psoriasis covered body...that didn’t happen...I date a couple of men that pretended not to care about my psoriasis..I got that feeling with them that I could never be comfortable around them..they wouldn’t protect me from rude people in public....those were all short lived relationships...came Fred...Traditional medicine is a long process but hey no pain no gain. Well, I am 24 years old, I never had psoriasis until i was about 20 or 21. Go to Wal-Mart and get you bar of Safeguard soap, a bottle of Witch hazel and a bottle Mineral Oil. i did some research and found a home school remedy of flax seed oil and fish oil.My mother has it , but has ever had it as bad as I do. People look at me as if they are going to catch some kind of diease from me. i took this 2x a day and within 6 months it had left my body. i have long quit taking the oils why i do not know but i have stayed 99% psoriasis free i have an...I find this very convincing, more than the simple theory of something going wrong with the autoimmune system.-- .112 , (UTC) The researchers don't say that humans continue to express active STAT3 after healing process finished.


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